Apr 13 2016


Coccidia is a general term for a range of microscopic protozoan parasites that inhabit the intestines and, occasionally, other bodily organs of animals and humans and is known to cause gastrointestinal disease, enteritis and symptoms of weight loss, dehydration, diarrhea, mucoid and bloody feces, straining to defecate and, occasionally, vomiting in puppies and kittens.

you may notice that the pet has watery, mucous-like diarrhea. As the condition progresses, bloody diarrhea and an inability to withhold it will begin to show. The pet may also be in a weakened state.
It is spread through fecal matter, and is most commonly found in puppies that have contracted the parasite from an infected pets feces. The coccidiosis infection is of particular danger for young animals, since their immune systems are still underdeveloped.

Coccidial infections can be prevented by removing your pet’s feces regularly from your yard or other areas where the dog goes to the bathroom. Because coccidia are found most often in young animals, it is important to have puppies and kittens examined for the parasite as soon as possible. We can perform a fecal test to diagnose coccidiosis. If your pet is infected with coccidia, we are able to give it effective medications.

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