Client Benefits

Cedarwood clients are like family!


We are pleased you have chosen Cedarwood Veterinary Hospital!

We offer you and your pet extraordinary veterinary care and client service with a personal touch. We treat your whole pet, from medical concerns to behavioral issues.

We work very hard to make sure each patient receives the best care and that you, our client, feels like part of the Cedarwood family.

We look forward to meeting your pets and maintaining a longstanding relationship with you and your family.

Wellness ServicesPet wellness is a lifetime journey for those of us who love our pets, so we make that journey as simple, affordable and care-oriented as we possibly can.
We offer a comfortable, compassionate environment where your pet — and you– will feel at ease. We offer a full range of pet wellness care services to make that mission a reality.

You probably recognize the necessity to get your pet to a veterinarian immediately if a life-threatening health crisis occurs. What many pet owners don’t realize is how many of those emergencies can be prevented by keeping their pets as healthy as possible all year round. By working with our staff, you will stay on top of your pet’s medical needs. Our doctors will discuss with you what vaccines and other wellness care your pet needs based on several factors, including species, breed, age and lifestyle.

Referral Reward Program – The best referral program is simply when customers are thrilled with your service and they tell others about you!
At Cedarwood we recognize that many of our new clients come to us as a result of your confidence in our doctors and staff. Your recommendation is so appreciated that we will send you a card for a discount on our professional and selected out-patient services.

Pet Health ID Cards – Have your pets medical information at your finger tips!

Each Pet ID Card displays your pet’s vaccine and medical information for handy reference, plus an adorable photo. Pet ID Cards are great to have with you when traveling , just in case your pet needs to stay at a boarding facility or your pet has a medical emergency while away from home.

Vaccination Reminders – In this busy world there’s always so much to remember!
We’ll help by sending reminders of when your pet is due for vaccinations, heartworm and parasite checks, as well as any necessary blood rechecks and dental treatments. Keeping your pets healthy is our primary concern! Please make sure we have your current address and phone number so that we can keep your records up-to-date.

Boarding and Bathing – We offer a comfortable safe place for your pet to stay while you’re away!
Our space is limited so boarding is reserved for Cedarwood clients. For the health and safety of all our boarders, we require all pets to be up to date on vaccines. If your pet is new to our hospital please have proof of prior vaccinations, Heartworm tests and Fecal tests available if you can.

Prescription Refills – When you are on the go we can get your refill ready for you to pick up at your convenience!
If you need a refill on your pet’s medication, call 423-623-4362

Convenient Drop-Off – We care about your pets — and about your schedule!
That’s why we offer a unique drop-off service: Just call, make your appointment and drop off your pet and pick up when it is convenient for you. You’re free to go back to work, do your errands, pick up the kids, go shopping and cross off everything else on your to-do list. We handle everything your pet needs, No worries for you!

Rebates/Guarantees – We want to save you money!!
At Cedarwood we are able to pass on manufacturers’ promotions and/or rebates to you and many of our products are guaranteed These rebates are not usually available at online or retail stores! Please ask us about special offers on heartworm, flea medications, collars and leashes.


We also offer an excellent selection of Collars, Leashes, Flea Medications, Supplements, shampoos, colognes, and treats and more!

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