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Shopping for Products

  • Browse for products
    • Click a product category name in the left column.
    • Select a sub-category as needed.
    • A list of all products in this category will be displayed in the center column, sorted in alphabetical order by name and including a picture of each product.
  • Shop from featured items
    • Click the picture of a featured item in the center section of the screen
  • Type all or part of the product name into the Search box
    • A list of products matching the text entered will be displayed in the center column
  • To add an item to the shopping cart from the product list or detail page, enter a quantity (default is 1) and click the ADD button.
  • The Shopping cart area in the right column will continually update with the products selected, shipping cost and order total.
  • You may browse products and add them to the shopping cart without creating an account. However, to purchase a product, you must login to your account or register a new account.

Creating an Auto-Refill

  • You may choose to create an auto-refill order for a product if you would like to have it automatically shipped to your home at a selected interval.
  • Search for the desired product and click the Auto-Refill button
  • You must login or register for an account to continue creating an auto-refill.
  • Name the refill with a Recurring Order Nickname.
    • You may add more than one product to an auto-refill as long as the shipping interval is the same.
    • You may also set-up multiple auto-refills for various products.
  • Select quantity, pet and shipping frequency .
  • Enter a start date for the first product shipment.
    • If the start date is left blank, the product will ship immediately and again at the end of each interval.
    • Select a start date from the calendar to set the first shipment to begin at a future date.
    • You can see the next several expected ship dates listed below, based upon the selected start date.
  • Enter shipping and billing information.
    • Address information can be the same or different from the stored account information.
  • The auto-refill can be changed, paused or cancelled by you at any time by clicking the Manage Auto-Refills link in Account Information.


  • Click the Shopping Cart link to begin the checkout process.
  • Review the order and make any necessary changes to items and quantity
    • Enter coupon codes, if applicable
  • When you are ready to proceed with the order, click Checkout Now.
  • To complete the order, you must login or create an account.
    • Creating an account is very simple. The you enter name, address and pet information and selects a username and password.
  • You must then associate a pet to any prescription items on the order.
    • you may add a new pet to associate with items.
  • The final step is to enter shipping and payment information.
    • If shipping and billing addresses exist on the account, select the correct address from the drop-down list.
    • Add a new credit card or use an existing one for the selected billing address
    • You may also set a particular shipping and billing address as your default in the account management section.
  • Click Place Order
    • The order will be placed for fulfillment and shipment
    • You will receive an email confirming the order and again when the order ships to provide the tracking number.
    • If the order contains prescription items and you do not have an active prescription for the products, the system will display a message that items on their order will require a veterinarian approval prior to fulfillment. Your Veterinarian will approve or deny these requests within 2 days.
      • You will receive a confirmation email noting the need for veterinarian approval.
      • You will receive an email when the order is approved or denied
      • You will receive a third email when the order ships, with tracking number
  • You may print your order confirmation page or access it from the Order History link in Account Management.

Account Management:

You may access your account management functions from the Account Information link at the top of the screen or from the links in the right column of the Home Delivery shopping page

Order Information

  • Order History – Summary list of all orders placed by you with order status; Click details to view the order line items
  • Cancel Order(s) – Cancel any outstanding orders that have not shipped
  • Open Orders – Summary list of all open, active orders

Account Settings

  • Change Password
  • Change Personal Information – Update Name, Address, Email Address
  • Manage Addresses & Payment
    • Create a new Billing or Shipping Address
    • Add a payment method (credit card) to an Address
    • Remove an existing address or payment method
    • Select an address as the default for Billing or Shipping by clicking the “Make default billing/shipping address” link
  • Update Pets List
    • Add a new pet
    • Delete an existing pet
    • Edit information on an existing pet, including allergy and other medications
  • Manage Auto-Refill Items
    • Cancel an existing auto-refill
    • Pause an existing auto-refill, beginning on a specified date for a number of days
    • Remove an item or change the quantity on an auto-refill
    • Change the frequency of shipment of an existing auto-refill
  • Items Prescribed For Pet(s) by Veterinarian
    • View prescriptions – both active and inactive
    • Add the items to your cart or create auto-refill orders for these prescribed items

Product Reviews

  • Review Products I’ve Purchased – Create a product review for any product purchased
  • View My Product Reviews – View, Edit and make your reviews visible or invisible.
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